Arts and Crafts Parties

Arts and Crafts Parties

We love to do arts and crafts parties! They are equally fun for kids as they are for adults. We have several super popular options, but we can also do custom crafts – maybe you want to try a new project, or your party has a fun theme!

Glitter Slime

Glitter slime has been our most popular craft over the last several years! By mixing together a couple ingredients and stirring with a spoon, you can pick your own glitter and colors and make perfect slime! Glitter slime is fun for all ages but goes over particularly well with younger kids.

Leaf And Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a perfect craft for so many parties – princess, fairy, mermaid, garden, woodland- but what about people who don’t want flowers? We also have a leafy crown, just as royal, woodsy and fantastic! Leaf and Flower crowns are the perfect party favors to take home for future parties and costumes. They also enhance face painting by adding even more color to your outfit!

Tie Dye Craft

Everyone has to try tie-dye at least once! Not only is this a fun party craft, but it also gives you a souvenir to take home and wear after. We provide gloves to keep your hands from getting stained as well as bag up your craft to take home. All you need to do is run it through the wash and it will be ready to go!

Arts and Crafts Buffet

Do you want a buffet of craft options at your event? We can make this happen! Contact us for a custom quote and let us know how many guests will be at your event, as well as what kind of crafts you like!

How messy are your crafts?

We set up the craft, and we clean up everything afterward as well! We try to keep everything as simple as possible, to keep your party from getting overwhelming. Both glitter slime and tie-dye projects are send home in a sealed baggie with their name on it!

How safe are your crafts?

We use only safe and non-toxic materials for all of our crafts!

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