Glitter and Glam

Looking for a way to make your party shine? We provide different glitter and hair services to glamorize your guests and leave your event feeling beautified. Hire us for one of our Glitter and Glam services:

Face and Hair Glitter

We use biodegradable, cosmetic glitter

Hair Tinsel

Looking for something subtle, and maybe a bit sparkly? Hair tinsel is strands of glittering tinsel that are tied onto your hair. We use Silk Shimmerz hair tinsel which is 100% silk and can even stand up to heat styling. They last for one or two months, and fall out as your hair naturally sheds. Hair tinsel is good for larger events, as the tinsel is a lot faster to attach to your hair.

Synthetic Hair Feathers

We do not provide real hair feathers! Our mission statement is to use the best products for you and for the rest of the world, including those that do not harm animals. However, we do provide synthetic hair “feathers” that are made from synthetic colored hair. They last for one or two months and fall out as your hair naturally sheds.

Hair Braiding


Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is a temporary hair color applied by rubbing chalk all over your hair. It is quick and fast to do, and lasts only until your next shower. Hair chalk is safe for small children, and good for any size of event.

Hair Wraps

Hair wraps are a fun, easy and impermanent way to add color to you hair. They are done using embroidery thread and last anywhere from several weeks to several months. Hair wraps are good for very small, private parties as they do take twenty minutes each to complete. We also take private appointments for hair wraps!

We can also do a full photo shoots of your guests, along with fun portraits and group shots! We have lots of fun props and accessories.

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