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Event Photography

When you are throwing your own event, photography can be easily overlooked! After all, you’ll just remember to take a few photos yourself, right? I say this because at my own events, I think that EVERY time! End end up with no photos to remind me of the wonderful time that I had. Hiring a photographer for your events doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think it is – and is totally worth it. Don’t miss your own party trying to take pictures! With a photographer, not only will you have caught all of the best moments, but you will also get some high quality photos of you and your family to cherish all your life.

What kind of events do you do?

We do event photography for weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties, and more – we will do any event! We also work very well with children and enjoy taking portraits and group shots.

Who are the photographers?

Zami Marx is a professional photographer with years of study in the art programs at University of California Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College. She and a small group of talented, dedicated and skilled photographers do all of the event photography for Pacific Party Services. We are honored to take a part in your special events!

Do you edit and “Photoshop” the images?

Yes, all of the editing is included! We also do light photo-shopping – if you need extensive photo-shopping, we are happy to do it for an additional price. We define light photo-shopping as fixing small blemishes – we prefer that everybody look as natural and beautiful as they are in real life!

Children’s Birthday Photography

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